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Exercise Training:

To elicit an adaptation, the physiological capacity
must be challenged beyond a certain minimal intensity called the training threshold. If the training stimulus exceeds the threshold, it is a training overload, and the process of physiological adaptation will occur.

The spine is inherently unstable and is dependent on the contribution of muscles. The efficacy of the muscle system is dependent on its controller, the central nervous system (CNS). The CNS must continually interpret the status of stability, plan mechanisms to overcome predictable challenges, and rapidly initiate activity in response to unexpected challenges.  P. Hodges

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For The Way You Live Your Life


For most of us, our lives can be quite challenging: Working, kids, school, gardening, sports, growing. Whatever you do, your activities can push you hard. If you venture past your edge and end up hurt we can help you get back on track.

Condition For Life is built on the philosophy that you have control of your life and that an active approach to living is the most rewarding. From crisis care through rehabilitation and functional training, Condition For Life encourages self reliance and works to help you learn movements that are safe and postures that reduce stresses on your body. We also incorporate a paced recovery program to help you to perform the activities you want.

Chiropractic For Life!

Ongoing, regular chiropractic care helps to keep you healthy. A natural and wholistic approach, chiropractic care maintains the health of your skeletal, nervous and muscular systems, and indirectly every system of your body. People who maintain regular chiropractic care experience better energy, improved well-being, and increased resistance to illness. Chiropractic Is For Life!

Objectives For Our Web Site

  • We hope to give you insight to how we, at Condition For Life, can help you meet your recovery, rehabilitation or training goals whether they are in sports, work or your daily life.
  • To provide a resource for our current clients and patients to find useful material as they proceed through their recovery, rehabilitation or functional training.
  • To be able to present current reliable, footnoted, scientific information on topics that help you feel, move and live better.

Thank you for visiting our web site.

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